joi, martie 24, 2011


Am descoperit o chestie faina. Se numeste si gasiti mai jos o scurta prezentare.

Kirkenes and Pas National Park

The Aurora from Terje Sorgjerd on Vimeo.

marți, martie 15, 2011

A simti durerea semenilor

"O, desertaciune a desertaciunilor, zice Ecleziastul, o desertaciune a desertaciunilor! Totul este desertaciune." (Ecleziastul - 1,2)
Photo - Courtesy of CTV

Despre informare, perceptie, empatie, implicare si altele.

""Psychic numbing" is how the University of Oregon psychologist Paul Slovic refers to this. To illustrate what he means, he sometimes sketches two graphs. The first shows how we might believe we value human lives, with the line going straight up along a diagonal: the more lives at stake, the more attention we pay. The second shows the reality, as Slovic sees it. Here the line starts off very high, but then drops all the way down: we get very worked up when one or two lives are at stake, but then the numbers begin to blur and we tune out.

The result is that humans will often throw money at one sad story – even when it doesn't involve a human. Researchers sometimes quote the story of how more than $48,000 was raised in 2002 to save a dog stranded on a ship adrift near Hawaii. Charities know this impulse too, which is why they often put a single child on their envelopes and posters."

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