marți, august 25, 2009

Carl Honore despre Twitter

To tweet or not to tweet - apropos, cum ati traduce asta in romana?

"The other day I spoke at a conference for the leading bloggers in Norway.
It was a little unnerving. Bloggers are a pretty fast bunch, so singing the praises of Slow to them felt like barbecuing a steak at a vegan retreat.
From the stage, I could see laptop screens glowing in the dark. An iPhone rang. Members of the audience tweeted my talk, their dispatches scrolling down a large screen behind me. In Norwegian.
Even so, the Slow message seemed to go down well. I was not booed, heckled or pelted with tomatoes. Okay, someone tweeted that I reminded him of Quentin Tarantino. But given the high geek content in the room, I’m going to take that as a compliment."

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3 comentarii:

  1. Se pare ca se zice "a tuiteri" sau "a twiteri"; gasesti deja cateva zeci de atestari cu Google (am cautat,deocamdata,"tuiteresc", "twiteresti", "tuiterim"...).

  2. Ia te uita, acum se poate posta mai usor un comentariu pe blogul tau? Ce se intampla???

  3. @ anonimu'
    multam, speram in mai multa imaginatie :-)

    @ anonim
    habar n'am, n-am facut nimic deosebit ;-)
    am adaugat doar search box-ul din dreapta.